The company Beton-Ace offers educational courses of decorative concrete. Learn how to use acid-stain on the concrete floor,  microfilm, spray deck, concrete stamping, forms and more. Our courses are linked to the purchase of products and tools for their application. Each course graduate  gets  certificate which allows them to work with our products and  advertising  on the website as a trained certified specialist for the application of decorative concrete surfaces in your region. At the same time receive instructional DVD. Beton-Ace offers educational seminars in the field of decorative concrete surfaces for those who are looking for top-quality products and creative application of technology. Get practical experience! BETON-ACE has a practical training and presentations across the country. Learn how to apply these systems from beginning to end. Our trained specialists, we will keep you informed about the latest knowledge and practices in the field of decorative concrete. We also provide courses for businesses and whole companies . For details, please contact us today!                                      
                                      Training seminars